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"Shadow Golf" program

Callippe Preserve Golf Course presents, "SHADOW GOLF"
a way for new or beginner golfers to learn the game of golf in a non pressure environment with the help of a pre qualified experienced golfer.
Experienced players may register at Callippe Preserve Golf Course and then can bring out new golfers (family, friends, business partners etc) and teach them the "ins and outs" of the golf experience. (From making a tee time, to checking in, driving a cart, basic rules and etiquette.)
The experienced player will mentor the new player and will receive discounted rates during specific "Shadow Golf" hours. The "Shadow Golf" participants will play a two person scramble to help take pressure off the new player. Once on the green the new player will putt his own ball. (After 3 putts the new player will pick up his ball.)
The "new player" needs to have some golf experience, and be able to strike the ball with some consistency. If the player is new to the game they will have to take lessons from a qualified professional before they are able to participate in "Shadow Golf".
"Shadow Golf" is about making the golf experience from start to finish easier for a new golfer; it is NOT in place to have the experienced player teach the new golfer.
If you are interested in joining this new Innovative method of introducing new players to the game contact Mike Ash General Manager of Callippe Preserve Golf Course.
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
(925) 426 666 x17

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