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Greens Renovation Project

Press Release – Pleasanton Weekly

In the fall of 2012, the City of Pleasanton discussed the possibility of re-leveling three greens to alleviate the existing issues. CourseCo and Callippe management began meetings with The City of Pleasanton to discuss some of the possibilities of what could be done. Some different suggestions were discussed, including simply removing the turf, moving around some of the greens mix in the existing greens and re-sodding. Brian Costello, the original Golf Course Architect, was brought in to add feedback and provide recommendations for the necessary alterations.

Ultimately, it was decided that the best way to resolve the issues were to totally reconstruct the greens complexes on #11 and #14. Several meetings then took place to discuss the process. Involved in these meetings were: Craig Higgins (City of Pleasanton), Kathleen Yurchak (City of Pleasanton), Scott Carrier (CourseCo.), Mike Ash (Callippe GM), Mike Garvale (Director of Agronomy), and Tom Doyle (Superintendent of Callippe) .  It was agreed that Brian Costello would redesign the greens (and surrounding complexes) to protect the integrity of the greens and keep the uniformity with the existing greens.

 During this time, it was determined that we should consider also renovating the fairway bunker complex on hole #10. It was generally felt that these bunkers create a huge pace of play issue if golfers hit into them. The second shot is a long shot out of the bunkers with nearly 175 yards of carry required to clear the environmentally sensitive area.

In January of 2013, the areas were surveyed and mapped so Brian Costello could begin drawing up plans for the renovation.  Several more meetings were held in 2013 to hash out details and make adjustments as necessary.  The process for #11 and #14 green included removing the old sod, removing the old greens-mix, removing the gravel, and removing the existing drainage and irrigation. The new sub-grade was set, and the drainage was re-cut and placed. Perennial Ryegrass would be sodded around the greens.

The two greenside bunkers on #14 were renovated as well, with all of the old sand, gravel and drainage removed.  We also decided to install subsurface drip irrigation tubing along the edges and faces of the bunkers. This provides adequate irrigation to areas that are difficult to water due to runoff or evaporation.

In order to alleviate the pace of play issues on #10, we decided to remove the first fairway bunker, and make the second fairway about 1/3 smaller. All of the sod was removed around the area and soil moved to create the natural contours and slope. The area where the old bunker was is now a flat area of rough, creating an easier shot for golfers.  The bunker complex on #10 looks great, with a much easier shot for golfers who land golf shots where there once was the first bunker. It takes a very long drive to hit into the second bunker, and if you land in the bunker a shorter shot is required from the sand. Aesthetically, it looks great and we feel the changes will make the hole more playable.

All in all we are very pleased with the finished product and we feel that our residents and guests will enjoy the improvements that we have made to Callippe Preserve.

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10th Hole Bunker

11th Green

14th Green

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